Hearing Aids FAQs

  • For how many years would my hearing aid last?
The conventional hearing aid lasts between 3 – 5 years.
  • How do I make out if the battery is in the hearing aid properly?
Hearing aid batteries have a sign on it which indicates positive and adverse side, just similar to any other battery. In general, a red “+” sign will be on the battery door signifying the real face should be up. The real front of a hearing aid battery is plane or flat with a “+” sign on it.
  • What can I do with the batteries as soon as I’m you done with them?
What we recommend is a recycling of those batteries, keeping all battery ravage detach from other recyclables. However, the recycling can be carried out at most electronics stores.
  • Is it reasonable for me to sleep with or in my hearing aids?
When you are ready for bed at night, it appropriates for you to remove your hearing aids while open the battery door to help preserve battery life.
  • Why is it necessary to open the battery door of the hearing aids at night?
  • Opening the battery door of the hearing aids at night does two important things:
It guarantees that the battery is not being drained, permitting for additional economic use of your hearing aid.
  • Opening the battery door allows air into the hearing aid, which is useful in preventing moisture build-up in it.
  • Where can I store my hearing aids once they are not in my ears?
Protect your hearing aids by storing it in the provided case or a different hard-shell case that closes to make sure they accurately protected and easy to locate.
  • How can I dirt free or clean my hearing aid?

The best way to clean your hearing aids is by using a simple cloth or tissue to mop the hearing aids. Also, the brush can be applied to help remove supplementary stubborn or stuck remains if necessary. Check out the User Guide that packed with your hearing aid for additional details.

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